Our HR Solution

IQ-HR is a modular HR software solution used to manage the entire employee life-cycle via our positional competency framework.

IQ-HR supports your business strategies, whether you have 50 or 5000 employees, to drive business efficiency, give you the respect and recognition and ultimately make your life easier, allowing you to add real value to your business.

At IQ-HR Pty Ltd we adopt a unique implementation approach to your IQ-HR solution. Where possible, all training is performed on-site on your IQ-HR system, meaning during the training sessions you are configuring your own solution. Your investment in IQ-HR includes your own sandpit training system for you to use at any time.

For too long HR systems were extensions of payroll or a ‘best of breed’ specialised HR system (for example, a specialist performance system or talent management system). We believe HR starts with the identification of a person, ends with the separation and in-between consists of getting the most of every staff member so they contribute to your organisation in the best possible way (and eventually leave a better person).

Payroll systems are focused on calculation, tax, superannuation and keeping up-to-date with legislative requirements; specialist HR systems don’t give you the overall picture as they focus on only 1 element. IQ-HR provides you with a specific suite of HR tools to manage every aspect of your employee’s career with you, at the same time providing you with the heartbeat of your organisation.

Many HR professionals have lots of great ideas, they know what their organisation needs but cannot monitor strategies in place. We can show you how to manage your strategies to see if they are working, and if not make refinements and adjustments to get it right.

In today’s world we simply don’t have the luxury of time and resources, we are always asked to do more with less. More reports, more queries, more metrics, more problems and demands, less time, less money, less staff and resources. IQ-HR gives you more time so you can do more with what you already have. You can show more, you can give more, you can do more with IQ-HR.

To ensure your success with IQ-HR, we recommend the following approach outlined below to implement your IQ-HR system. However, the implementation is also flexible so training can be customised to suit your business and resource requirements.

To provide the right mix between cost, timing and resources, our resource plan clearly shows the requirements needed from both you and us. However if you find your resources dedicated to other projects, we can provide an additional hand when needed.

We recommend a phased modular approach to implementation. This means IQ-HR is deployed in stages that match your business requirements, which provides the benefit of management and business ‘buy-in’ into IQ-HR, smaller and easier to manage implementation segments, faster adoption of change management processes, and the ability to meet business milestones progressively.

Project Initialisation Kick-off meeting

Project Plans Created and Confirmed

System Installation

Core System Implementation

Roles, Positions and Skills Implementation

Leave Implementation

Business Processes Implementation

Recruitment Implementation

Learning and Education Implementation

Performance Reviews and Goals Implementation

Workforce Planning Implementation

Occupational Health and Safety Implementation

Timesheets Implementation

Reports Manager Implementation

Rollout Guidance

Project Review & Closure

On-going Support and Helpdesk

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