Brief Product Explanation

DocSure has created a new technology to help you prove the validity of an original document. By providing access to a digital version DocSure ensures the user is always looking at a true and correct document. The patented web application and Quick Response Code system performs document integrity verification using cryptography and HyperLedger / BlockChain technology – thereby detecting and preventing document manipulation.

The Quick Response or QR code and associated signature information in blockchain can never be altered ensuring a document’s content is protected.

Technical Explanation

DocSure is a web application and Quick-Response Code identification system that performs document integrity verification using public-key cryptography and blockchain technology in a novel way.

Its primary use-case is to verify document authenticity by detecting and successfully preventing document forgeries.

For document producers, prior to printing and distributing a document, it is securely transmitted to DocSure. DocSure systems then digitally sign, optionally store and then generate a QR code (

TheDocSure system then either produces a new PDF of the document with the QR code embedded directly, or returns to the document producer the QR code image for inclusion in the final document.

When DocSure-signed documents are presented, parties interested in their authenticity may then simply scan the QR code with their web-enabled camera. The party is then presented with theDocSure document details, including producer, date and time, digital signature, DocSure’s public key and the original document itself for one-to-one comparison and verification with the printed version they were presented.

To enable complete transparent trust and integrity, each DocSure-signed document ID and DocSure signature gets placed into a permanent public record name/value blockchain (

Thanks to the irreversible and public properties of blockchains, this lets end-users confirm that the original authenticity QR code is correct and that the DocSure-presented signature matches the public record and thus initial signature of the document.

DocSure’s Blockchain Importance

DocSure employs strict database access controls such that no record may be inserted, modified or deleted by any staff member. If these access controls were nonetheless ever internally compromised, the blockchain serves as a permanent public record that no individual can modify and that anyone can verify.

In the event DocSure databases were successfully modified for a given document identifier (and thus matching QR Code), there is no known way to modify the associated blockchain record. This is due to well-studied computational complexity and is why blockchain technology is secure.

When a document is presented for authenticity verification, both the DocSure local database signature and the blockchain signature are validated. In addition, end-users can directly examine via third parties all necessary information in the blockchain to do their own authenticity checks against the original document.

In this way, DocSure documents are effectively and securely tamper-proof and successfully thwart advanced forgery attempts.