DocSure has created a new technology to help you prove the validity of an original document. By providing access to a digital version DocSure ensures the user is always looking at a true and correct document. The patented web application and Quick Response Code system performs document integrity verification using cryptography and HyperLedger / BlockChain technology – thereby detecting and preventing document manipulation.

The Quick Response or QR code and associated signature information in blockchain can never be altered ensuring a document’s content is protected.

IQ Payments

IQ Payments’s unique ‘Software as a Service’ solution will let you use your own bank accounts to receive funds ‘in country’ around the world:

✦  You choose the countries;

✦  Funds delivered directly to your bank account;

✦  Fully hosted and maintained;

✦  Low start up costs;

✦  Low rates;

✦  Low risk;

Bank Emulation is a well established and highly accepted method of safely facilitating the Consumer’s use of their own bank account to complete an online purchase.

Centaur Coin

Centaurcoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Centaurcoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralised without any central authorities. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. Centaurcoin features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency.

Night Shade

NightShade Black 4GTM is a safe, secure and cost-effective tool for encrypting your cellular and VOIP conversations, text messages and file transfers.

NightShades’s triple-layered security scheme turns your Android device into a military-grade encrypted communication device. Now you can protect yourself against interception attempts by private, government or military entities.

Millions of cellular calls and other digital traffic are routinely intercepted and recorded by intelligence agencies around the world.

It ends now with NightShade Black.

Welcome to the IQ Labs Project


Entrepreneurship is often associated with high levels of risk. At IQ Labs, we like to think of it as strategic risk. We mitigate risk in a dynamic, organized fashion to keep your startup balanced and well on its way to stable, scalable growth. Our mentor network is full of experienced startup owners who’ve walked in your shoes and have endless use cases to be applied.

Our mentors work diligently with our startups to ensure goals and objectives are met, not skimmed. We use vetted research, trusted users, and tested mentors to make sure you’re ready for the dynamic world of Information Technology, whatever the field!


Your success is our reputation. We rigorously vet new products; our knowledge of the competitive landscape is second to none. We pride ourselves in knowing all the players. We expose you to all we know. Working with IQ Labs is an immersive experience where startups are cultivated from the ground up through an extensive partnership network. We provide support, research, and space to grow new ideas designed to tackle the unique challenges present in the start-up space.


We introduce our startup founders to high-level software buyers to ensure product market fit for startups in the space. Not only do our consultants introduce startup tech to intended users in this community, they provide direct consultation to these buyers which builds our founders’ customer base and gives our user community access to the innovative technology their companies need. It’s a win-win for all involved, and IQ Labs will makes it happen.


Aside from generating new relationships between software developers and users, we provide startups with the resources they need to earn funding and grow their market share. Our mentors work with founders to achieve realistic outcomes, and they aim to capture the attention of investors to sustain a healthy venture capital partnership.

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We focus on building relationships, being accountable for outcomes, prioritizing the needs of others over our own and providing honest feedback to help each other improve. At IQ Labs, you will work in an environment that encourages teamwork and makes it easy to develop lifelong friendships. Your co-workers will genuinely want to see you succeed and provide you with the support you need to do so.


There is no such thing as a dead-end job at IQ Labs. The position an employee accepts when he or she starts here is only the beginning of his or her journey with this company. As a IQ Labs employee, you will be able to plot out the next steps you wish to take along your career path and identify what you are expected to do in order to advance. If you ever find yourself interested in taking on a different role within IQ or one of our other JV’s, leadership and peers will help you make that next career move as well.


In addition to individual performance, we define and evaluate success based on the legacy each person leaves. We are dedicated to mentoring and coaching others, helping them reach their full potential and prioritising their needs over our own. Because the cultural integration and development of others is a key metric here, new employees can expect to be supported by peers and leadership to the fullest extent from the first day. This support will enable you to create your own legacy by actively helping those around you achieve their goals.

Meaningful Projects

All contributions made by a IQ Labs employee make a difference in the lives of hopeful job seekers and businesses that rely on us. As a result, the work is consistently rewarding on a personal and professional level. In whatever role you take on at IQ Labs, your efforts will ultimately help IT professionals find a fulfilling job and/or enable organizations to complete the IT-related projects that will benefit their own employees and the communities they serve.


We are able to provide competitive compensation, generous paid time off and a comprehensive benefits package. Commission-eligible employees have uncapped earning potential and outstanding performance is recognized by merit-based rewards, including an all-expenses-paid, OS and interstate trips each year for top performers.


Our culture is second to none.
Job opportunities are fluid and rewarding.
The Legacy you create is in your hands from day 1.
Projects that you can take full control over and guide them to a successful conclusion.
Be rewarded with bonuses for the successful outcome of projects.